Our Staff

Andrew - Owner

Responsible for all scheduling and coordination with both customers and our staff; when rain hits unexpectedly, Andrew is the one who moves mountains to make sure our customers with outdoor jobs are still serviced quickly and we still have an efficient day by rearranging the schedule. 

Andrew also specializes in audio/video and smart home installations.

Andrew has been a resident of McKinney since 2001 and married since 2006 to Elisabeth. They have two daughters; Eva and Ellie.

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Matthew - Owner

The yes man.

Matthew is responsible for overseeing all quality control and customer service with our customers. Sometimes jobs can run longer than expected; Matthew will catch up or take the next appointment to make sure we continue to remain proficient and on-time.

Matthew has been a resident of McKinney since 2004 and married since 2003 to Carrie. They have two sons; Isaac and Jude.

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Mandy - Office Manager

The woman behind the curtain.

Mandy is responsible for all paperwork, finances, insurances, payroll, maintenance of vehicles and all the general "not fun" stuff to keep the company afloat.

Mandy has been a resident of McKinney since 2013 and married since 2011 to Alex. They have one son; Lucca.

Favorite Movie TV Show: Friends

Antione - Sr. Technician

The Electrician.

Antione was a Master Electrician in Colorado for 15 years prior to moving to Texas. While he can do most handyman projects; we put him on all of the complex electric jobs.

Antione has been a resident of McKinney since 2015 and married since 2001 to Angela. They have one son and one daughter; Josiah and LaSette.

Favorite Movie: Die Hard with a Vengeance

Juan - Sr. Technician

The All-Around Handyman.

Juan has been in the construction field for 27  years and has the unique experience of managing crews for his previous company. From framing to faucets to fans, there's really nothing Juan can't do.

Juan has been a resident of McKinney since 2005 and has three sons; Christian, Camryn and Will.

Favorite Movie: A River Runs Through it

Tyler - Sr. Technician

The Pastor.

Tyler's passion for ministry cannot be understated. He helps mentor teens and youth. Tyler is also unafraid and will get on a ladder of any height to change the highest of fixtures. An all-around handyman that is as efficient as they come.

Tyler has been a resident of Frisco since 2022 and married to Renee since 2022.

Favorite Movie: Top Gun: Maverick

Patrick - Sr. Technician

The Drywall Expert and Painter.

Have you ever seen a wall where a handyman, painter or homeowner repaired a hole or crack? Then that work wasn't done by Patrick. A true drywall specialist will make your repair so perfect that you won't be able to see where the repair ever happened. Guys like Patrick are what set The Little Handyman apart. Making sure things are done so well that we have specialists for those specific tasks.

Patrick has been a resident of McKinney since 2004 and has one son and one daughter; Heinz and Allison.

Favorite Movie: 007 Casino Royal

Carlos - Sr. Technician

The Carpenter.

When it comes to perfection of a job, Carlos is the definition of that. An expert at angles and cutting, Carlos can build built-ins, frame in front and back doors, and install molding in a matter of minutes.

Carlos has been a resident of Collin County since 1989 and married since 2001 to Jessica. They have has one son; Jake.

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Juanito - Technician

The Happy Helper.

Juanito is our second set of hands and our floating helper. When we need two people to install attic stairs, set a door or hang a cabinet; Juanito is there to assist. Always wearing a smile, Juanito is arguably the hardest working person on the team.

Juanito also leads our entire Christmas Light crew and has since 2019. A massive undertaking.

Juan has been a resident of McKinney since 2018 and has a son; Juan Ricardo.

Favorite Movie: Blood In Blood Out

Riley - Technician

The Motivator.

Riley, while holding the title of our youngest tech, is wise beyond his years and his work ethic is not like that typically associated with his generation. Always on time and always reliable, he is a young man from a bigon era.

Riley has been a resident of McKinney since 2004.

Favorite Movie: Fight Club

Scott - Technician

The Plumber.

Scott was a certified master plumber prior to starting work with The Little Handyman. We put him on all of the complex plumbing jobs.

Scott has been a resident of McKinney since 2017 and married to Dawn since 2010. They have one daughter; Kerigan

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction