About Us

The Little Handyman started in 2001 and quickly established itself as the premier handyman company in Collin County.

3 Vans, 1 Truck and 1 16' enclosed trailer hold every tool imaginable for the job at hand.

Beware the handyman who says "yes" to everything. The Little Handyman is more than just one individual who wears many hats and attempts to be a jack of all trades (but master of none). Instead, we take a "specialty" approach amongst our handymen to put our skilled technicians in the correct job.

Need a water heater replaced and copper valves to be sweated in? We'll send Robert, our plumber.

Want to add 4 can lights to a room that only has a ceiling fan? We'll send Antione, our electrician.

Need a door frame rebuilt? We'll send Matt.

Need drywall & sheetrock work done where you won't be able to tell where the repair was? That's a job for Angel, our Texture/Sheetrock technician.

And where do 99% of handymen (including our own) typically fall short? Time management and scheduling. Enter Mandy, our scheduler. Gone are the days of wondering if/when a tech will show up. Licensed and uniformed; we show up on time, every time.

Additionally, we have a fantastic customer database with scheduling software that allows us to email you when you're scheduled, text you when we're on our way, and email the invoice once the work is completed.